Add links as link “element”

With this special element, links (clickable areas, “area”) can be placed anywhere in the Mz3 book.


  • Contents
    In a table of contents you can assign a page to each line, which is then jumped to the line with a click
  • Email
    An email address can be assigned a “mailto:” link, so that when you click on the address, the default email opens
  • Link to gallery, photo books
    Clicking on an image may open a gallery or a Mz3 photo book (link to another web address where, for example, a photo book is displayed
  • Download PDF
    A small picture element with e.g. A PDF symbol can be used to assign the address of a download link for a PDF file
  • Web link
    It can be linked to any website

Set link address

The address of the link is entered directly via the input field.

Internal link: page number

If a digit is entered in the input field, it is interpreted as a page number and an internal link (“anchor: nn” with nn: page number) is generated.
This link type is used for a table of contents or book-internal references

The link “10” was entered as local, book-internal link to page 10.
The magenta field corresponding to the link area was scaled and dropped with the mouse to be above the first row of the table of contents.
Since it is a 2-language magazine, the language “de” was selected.
With “Add” or “Add Immediately” the link is saved and you can immediately enter the next page number.
A new area is displayed, this time in the same size as the previous link entered; directly below the last link.
With a little luck, everything fits and you can immediately return to the link with “Add” or “Add Immediately”.
In this way, all lines of the table of contents are linked quickly.


An email link is entered via the identifier mailto:, followed by the email address.

Download link

First, an image with the PDF icon was placed on the page where you would like to offer the download link. Commands – Add Elements to Pages – Add Area / Link@to enter the address under which the PDF file is available for download on the server.
You drag the link field with the mouse so that it includes the PDF symbol and save the link again with “Add” or “Add Immediately”.
If you then click on the PDF symbol in the Mz3 book, a new window opens and the PDF file is displayed. Using the browser-specific options (usually with a right click to reach) then the PDF file can also be loaded.


In the same way can also be linked to a new website.
Just like here on the Facebook page about the little Face-Book-Icon.

Link Parameters

The following parameters are available in the Add Link Element window:

  • Language assignment
    !{IMAGE-LINK+addlink-language code}! Links can be general and for all languages, or language specific.

  • Title
    A “tooltip” can be specified. This text is displayed if you hover over the link area with the mouse

  • Target
    Via@Target@you can specify whether the linked website should open in the same window or in a new window / tab.

  • Special parameters (only mz3Viewer and Flash)
    The link area in the mz3Viewer and in the Flash version can be more clearly indicated by a frame or a (transparent) background color.
    These settings are made via the menu item "Settings - mz3Viewer - AIR Element Attributes - AIR Link / Area Parameter":

Last modified: 2019/01/26


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