The following setting options are available in the “Basic Settings” window:

Show Tool Tips (Show Tool Tips)
The tool tips, which show specific information for many setting and selection elements when hovering over with the mouse, can be activated / deactivated via this switch.
As long as there are less than 6 books in the “Recent List”, the tool tips are activated. Thereafter, it is assumed that sufficient experience exists and the tool tips are activated only when needed.
In addition, since version, there is context help, a much more powerful tool. At least if the context help is also available in English ;-)
Who does not need help or if the tool tips are rather annoying, because you are “in the way” and obscure things, can stop the Aufpoppen tool tips here.
The setting remains valid until mz3Tool is restarted.

Documentation settings
In automatic mode (selection “aut”) the documentation is always displayed as long as no more than 5 projects / books are created.
The system / browser language is used as the language, with EN as the fall back.
This can be changed via the adjustment area on the top right:

on / off
The setting is saved and taken into account again after a restart. With “off”, the automatic display of the documentation can be switched off permanently.
With “on” it will be permanently displayed, regardless of the number of projects.
The documentation can be called temporarily via “Help – Context Help”.
It can be selected either DE (German) or EN (English) as a documentation variant.

Page Size (Page Width and Height)
The current page size can be changed. Either by entering a value in pixels doer using the slide switch.
The slide switch snaps to multiples of the base value, which can help avoid scaling artifacts (pixel rounding errors).
If you adjust the width, the height will be adjusted according to the original picture aspect ratio.
If you change the value for the height, the value for the width remains unchanged. Page images are then distorted accordingly.
The original values ​​are displayed for orientation and possible reset.

Page Count (Page Count)
The number of pages of the book can be changed.
If the value is increased, additional left pages are displayed at the end of the book.
If the value is reduced, elements that are no longer used are “free” and can be deleted with the “Clean-Up” button in the Modify Elements window.
The specification of the page number always takes place as a number of single pages; even with a double page book.

Page Type (Page Type)
Here you can specify whether the book is composed of single or double pages. Changing the book type results in an adjustment of the number of pages.
All page images are always displayed.

Setting “* auto *”: The book type is based on the format of the second page of the PDF file when using a PDF file.

  • Publish Location *

The default setting for the output base folder of the published “packages” (folders / files created via the Publish / Distribute menu item) is:
(User) / documents / mz3Tool / myPublications /

The version-specific packages are stored in the folder specified here in subfolders corresponding to the MegaZine3 program version:
  • forServer_JS
  • forMz3Viewer
  • forServer_FLASH

Then the path to the website base folder of Xampp should be set as “Publish Location”.

  • For Windows this is “% (color-blue) _c: \ xampp \ htdocs_%”
  • For MAC OSx the corresponding path is “% (color-blue) _Applications / XAMPP / xamppfiles / htdocs_%”

If the default installation path of XAMPP has been found, it can be set quickly using the@select XAMPP Path@button.

With this setting of the “Publish path”, the online packages (Javascript or Flash) are stored directly in this folder and can be accessed in the browser via the URL (website address).
_% (Color-blue) localhost / (book name) / _ _ index.html%
be called.
Or directly via the button!! after creating a Javascript or Flash version via Command – Publish / Distribute:

  • Mz3 Project Base Path *
    The default path for Mz3 projects is the folder _% (color-blue) Documents / mz3Tool / _mz3ToolInternal% _
    If you want to delete the folder, e.g. to relocate to another (network) disk, enter here the path to the new location for the Mz3-P projects.
Last modified: 2019/02/06


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