Once an item is selected, it will be displayed on the open active page in the preview area and can be moved and scaled interactively with the mouse.

Move with the mouse

If you move the mouse over the semitransparent element, the mouse pointer changes into a hand.
This indicates that the element can now be moved with the mouse button pressed.
There is no raster in this view, i. the element can be freely moved and positioned.

Scale with the mouse

The item can also be resized as desired. Again “free hand” and after feeling and without grid.
If you want to achieve an exact alignment, you have to have the elements (usually pictures and videos) either automatically positioned in the layout grid (see Lauyout supported automatic), or use the help such as margins, grid, various centering options, etc., which are offered in the Advanced Edit Window.

!{IMAGE-LINK+addElement-interactive-mouse scale}!

An item can be zoomed in and out with the mouse by dragging the corners without changing the original aspect ratio.
You can also drag an element on the sides. Then the content is distorted, even if the preview pretends something else!

The following two examples illustrate this:

1. Example: Horizontally enlarged

!(zoom caption)https://manula.r.sizr.io/large/user/14418/img/previewwidthenlarged.png

Final Width enlarged

The preview is enlarged correctly but trimmed. The book is true in size, but the picture is made suitable and distorted.

2. Example: vertically enlarged

Preview Height enlarged

Final Height enlarged

It seems like a section can be defined in vertically pulling (zoom in and cut out). But in the final Mz3 Book, you again get a complete but distorted picture.

If you actually have to make a picture fit and the distortion is so low that it does not fade, you can certainly use this possibility. But you should remember that it is distorted!

Background Info:
The possibility of scaling and cropping an image interactively with the mouse has not yet been fully implemented and currently only works in mz3Tool.
The information required for a correct representation in MegaZine3 (this program represents the final pages) is not yet included in the description file. It also seems to make more sense to calculate an appropriately modified copy in mz3Tool “offline” and then to use this image in MegaZine3 (and thus in the book).
This is not yet implemented (other priorities ;-))

Last modified: 2019/02/06


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