Alphabetical sort by file name

If the file name is selected as “Sort by”, the sorting is done alphabetically according to the file name.

“The order depends on the value of the character. The value of a character is set in a so-called “”: table:

  • First come the numbers: 1, 2, 3
    A “0” according to the ASCII table corresponds to the decimal value 48 (hex: 0×30), a “1” to the ASCII value 49 (hex: 0×31) etc.
  • This is followed by the capital letters A, B, C
    An “A” corresponds to the decimal value 65 (hex: 0×41), a “B” to the decimal value 66 (hex: 0×42), etc.
  • Finally, the lowercase letters follow: a, b, c, …
    An “a” corresponds to the decimal value 97 (hex: 0×61), a “b” to the decimal value 98 (hex: 0×62), etc.
    Before, between and after these groups are the character marks, e.g.
  • Space 32 decimal (0×20) and “!” 33 dec (0×21)
  • “=” 61 dec (0×3d) and “@” 64dec (0×40)
  • “_” 95 dec (0×5f)
  • “(” 123dec (0×7b) and “)” 125 dec (0×7d)

Therefore, a picture numbered 10 or 123456 is output before a picture numbered 2 (each at the same place in the name) (1 is smaller than 2).
If you know that, you can pay attention to the naming and name so that they lead to the desired sequence in an alphabetical sorting.

Last modified: 2019/02/06


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