Almost all Megazine3 and mz3Tool configuration information is stored in so-called XML files. It’s helpful to know the basics of this file type.


XML files can be read out and interpreted by program as well as read by humans.
Each individual information is included in so-called “tags”, which specify the type of information.
Some will already know this “thinking” from websites whose information is stored in “html” files.
html files use a markup language like xml files. Hence the abbreviation “… ml” in the file extension.
html stands for “HperText Markup Language” (szB “here”: https: //, and xml comes from “eXtensible Markup Language” (szB “here”: http: / /

file structure

Any type of information in text form can in principle be stored in an XML file. The basic principle is simple:

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Each information fragment is enclosed by so-called Tags. Tags seem like a clamp. A start tag marks the beginning of the information, and an end tag its end.
Tags contain names. These names identify and designate the information fragment.

The build a start tag looks like this: <_name_>
An end tag contains the same name preceded by a slash:

An example of a picture makes this clearer (determining the width):
<Width> 420 </width>

Tags can be nested, i. A tag can contain more “kids” tags. If the width in the previous example specifies the width of an image, the rectangle will be a “child element” of the image tag. Schematically this looks like this:

    <Width> 420 </width>
    <Height> 640 </height>
    <Src> </src>

The image information is summarized by the tag and contains the path in the tag and the image size in the and tags.
Further information can easily be found (eg “here”: http: // with a search for key words like: “xml Aufbau”, “dtd Definition”, “xml structure”, “xml attributes”, xml property “, etc.

Last modified: 2019/02/06


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