This paper is the key reference for all topics related to mz3Tool, MegaZine3, and mz3Viewer.
All former papers and links to old blog posts, FAQ topics, video tutorials, manuals and alike are outdated and will be taken offline and archived soon; latest with a re-designed website.

Supported Browsers (Javascript Version)

Completeness of the EN Version

The German version is almost complete; some chapters need a bit more content, but in general, all chapters exist.

The English version is also complete now, but not perfect. Most chapters had been translated automatically with Google’s help. This never is perfect (OK; I’m not perfect either), but in most cases sufficient.
What also happened is that as a result of some creative editing of links and commands by the translator, some screenshots and links do not work. I corrected hopefully most, but every day I find a new inconsistent link. In doubt and if you really want to see the screenshot or link, switch to the German version to see the graphics or to follow the links.

How to use Tips

There is no need to read like a book starting from page 1 and finishing with the last page!
You should use it in a way that best fits your needs, preferences, and needs.

Suggestion: You should read Chapter 1 and Chapter 2 completely; and if curious enough follow some links or even check Chapter 3.

If Context Help is active, the information presented changes with every step you do, so always the information actually need is available automatically.

For starters/beginners we recommend Chapter 2. Quick Tours.
Select the best-fit use case and study and follow the steps of the respective chapter. You’ll have your first book completed within minutes!

Most “stuff” is covered in Chapter 4. Main Menu, With a detailed explanation of every single menu item.
This will be your reference with direct access to all menu commands and mz3Tool functionality!

Chapter 6 provides some Details experts and nerds.
This information Is not needed for the normal use of mz3Tool, mz3Viewer, and MegaZine3.

Manula – Perfect Framework for Documentation

This p
This paper was created with Manula; and I want to thank Manula with this reference for the big help and support I experienced!
If you ever have or feel the need to “write something down” in a professional way: Please consider Manula!
I found Manula being a perfect Tool for building a complete documentation in a breeze (The first <200 pages took me less than 2 weeks), offering some big advantages:

For the reader:

  • Online Version, perfect Layout for Desktop and Smartphone Users
  • Supports PDF Download
  • Tracks and shows Modification Date automatically
  • Supports several Versions
  • Excellent Support for creating and managing Links (internal and external)
  • Powerful Search Function
  • Multi-Lingual Support

For the Editor:

  • Easy to use and well-structured Image Manager (Media Library)
  • Links are added effortlessly
  • Automatically generated ToC (Table of Content)
  • Easy to add and manage images
  • Easy and comfortable formatting

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Last modified: Mar 24, 2019


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