Add audio as a sound element

An audio file can be used for different purposes, for example:

  • Background music for an opened page
  • Audio documentation on a page
  • Audio Books

Depending on the variant, different functions can be used. Probably the option of placing a play / pause button on a page, as already available in the Javascript version. will become available in mz3Viewer version also.

JS specific options

If a JavaScript version of the book is edited (the version can be selected in the window that opens with the command “Configure – Publish / Distribute”), a Play / Pause symbol can be selected, which can be placed and scaled as usual when added to the page.

The currently selected play/pause symbol is shown in the “Add Sound Elements” window, together with the lp (infinite loop) and ap (autoplay: the audio will start as soon as the page is opened, like in an AIR / version) switches, that can be toggled here.

The option to play and pause audio tracks allows placing “any number” of sounds on a page. This is not yet supported by the mz3Viewer version. A sound always stops when the page is flipped.

mz3Viewer specific options

If you have not already made this selection (in the menu under “Configure – Publish / Distribute”), the above options are displayed and can also be selected, but should not be used since

The mz3Viewer version does not support a play / pause icon yet, so the audio could not be started if autoplay is disabled. Therefore this switch always must be activated in a mz3Viewer version.
The loop parameter should be adjusted together with all other sound parameters.

There are many parameters that can be configured in great detail for the mz3Viewer version.
Adjustments should be made in the special * sound parameter window *.

Audio Selection

The general selection of elements is explained in the “Add Elements” chapter:

Click the icon and select the audio file.

Assign sound to a page

The audio element is not yet visible on a mz3Viewer page; it only plays the sound automatically, when the page is opened ;-)
Only the JavaScript version supports Play/Pause buttons at a selected position with a defined size.

A yellow frame on the preview page symbolizes the position of the Start button (Play Button) in the final Javascript book.
The position of this Play / Pause button can be moved with the mouse on the page and placed where the button should appear in the final Javascript Mz3 book.

For the mz3Viewer version, only the page is of importance. As soon as this page is visible, the audio file will play. Via the Sound Parameter Settings the behavior when opening and leaving the page can be adjusted. In the Javascript version, the behavior is only determined by the Play/Pause button and the two parameters “loop” and “autoplay”.

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Last modified: 8 July 2019


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