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Basics » Preparations

Before starting your first Mz3 Project you should find answers on some questions to achieve faster and better results. Feel free to use the following list as kind of checklist: Collect your media files Before starting with mz3Tool browse your files and collect all…

Add Image

Main Menu » Edit Page » Add Image

Add Single Images (Image “Elements”) Many operations of an “element” are independent of the element type (image, video, audio, link) and are (also) described in other chapters. Here, the focus is on the specific operations for image…

Past Versions

Versions » Past Versions

v2.4.3.13 The most important changes of this version are:: 2019-04-07 Minor Bug Fixes Values for dragrange could not be made with the slider Position auf language code was too close to the elements of the navbar if the language code was added to the…