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Show PDF Info

Hauptmenü » » Show PDF Info

Show PDF Info From the currently assigned PDF file, many settings and parameters are read which can be displayed via this menu item, e.g. the page size of the first and second page, the number of pages, creation date etc. *A double-click in the window opens the…

Open PDF

Hauptmenü » » Open PDF

Open current PDF file   Via this menu item, the currently assigned PDF file can be opened with the linked PDF viewer. Incidentally, this can also be achieved with a double-click in the PDF info window.

Open Project Folder

Hauptmenü » Publish / Distribute » Open Project Folder

Open project folder Content Project Folder All data related to an Mz3 book is stored in a specific folder, the project folder. The project folder can be displayed via the menu item Info - Show Project Info. Experienced users have direct access to the…



The main menu is the central command of mz3Tool. Almost all actions are started here. In this chapter each menu and submenu item is described in detail !{IMAGE-LINK+Main Menu}! The menu structure looks like this: File New New from PDF Use Other…

Browse XAMPP Project

Hauptmenü » Publish / Distribute » Browse XAMPP Project

Open a JS package in the Browser If you use the Javascript version of Megazine3 to display the Mz3 book over the Internet in a browser, then the option of being able to test the finished book locally on your own computer is very helpful. For this to work and to…

Hauptmenü » Publish / Distribute »

Open XAMPP project folder Content XAMPP project folder Begriffserläuterung: Javascript “Package” A JS package is a folder where, after selecting Command – Publish / Distribute and clicking!…


Advanced Options » XML Files » mz3-file

File extension mz3 The most important XML configuration file for MegaZine3 and mz3Tool is the mz3 file, named after the filename extension “.mz3”. Although the file extension is “.mz3” and not “.xml,” an mz3 file is a…

Open Other PDF

Hauptmenü » Edit Book » Open Other PDF

You can change or add a new PDF File to your Mz3 Project any time. Click the Button and select the new PDF FIle The PDF File is interpreted and the PDF Info read. The assigned language is shown as ‘language code’ You have the…

Mouse Operation

Advanced Options » Commands » Add Elements » Mouse Operation

Once an item is selected, it will be displayed on the open active page in the preview area and can be moved and scaled interactively with the mouse. Move Element with the Mouse If you move the mouse over the semitransparent element, the mouse pointer changes into a…



This information should help in getting a better understanding of the structure and concept of MegaZine3, mz3Tool, and mz3Viewer. And how those programs work together. If you can achieve everything you want without deeper knowledge of the internals: perfectly fine! At…


Basics » Workflow

For a better understanding of the kind of “jobs” you have to perform, such actions are listed as “workflow” below: Download and Installation This step is explained in detail in the chapter Download and Installation and is needed the first time…

New Mz3 Book from PDF

Quick Tours » New Mz3 Book from PDF

When mz3Tool starts and no previous Mz3 Project is found a “Splash Screen” (start screen) is shown; with 2 buttons; the only 2 options you have at that moment. New Book from PDF You just have to pick a PDF file, and page size and page count will read out…

Basic Settings

Hauptmenü » Settings » Basic Settings

The following setting options are available in the “Basic Settings” window: Technology Selection This is the central location to select the used MegaZine3 program variant: For a Server/Javascript Version For a mz3Viewer versions, used on a…