When mz3Tool starts and no previous Mz3 Project is found a “Splash Screen” (start screen) is shown; with 2 buttons; the only 2 options you have at that moment.

  • New Book from PDF
    You just have to pick a PDF file, and page size and page count will read out of the PDF file; shown in this chapter.
  • New Book with empty Pages
    A book of the defined page size and number of pages will be created; with empty pages.
    In the next steps, you will then add content: images, video, sound

The following 2 chapters demonstrate the second option:

  • New Book out of Page Images
    Page images, i.e. images of the size of a book page that act as the page background, are used to build the pages.
    Those images will be placed automatically on pages.
    Also, a very straightforward and fast approach to build a book.
  • New Book from Photos.
    For this, an empty book with the correct page size and number of pages is created first, and then a collection of photos is placed on the pages in a defined layout (2 images per single page).

First (and in case of a Drag&Drap: Only) Step: Select the PDF File

Select the menu item File – New Project from the main menu and either Drag&Drop your PDF File on the PDF-Symbol or click that symbol and follow the instructions.
Right after the Drag&Drop action or after you clicked selected the PDF File in your Explorer/Finder (option available after a click on the PDF symbol), the selected PDF file is read immediately and information like page size and number of pages is extracted.
That information can be shown at any time later via the menu item PDF Info.
If the file exists and is of the correct type (i.e. a PDF file), the conversion either starts automatically (after a Drag&Drop on the PDF symbol) and nothing else is left to be done, i.e. no further configuration or selection.
Or the Continue button becomes active and the next conversion steps can be started manually. In that case some decisions can/have to be made.

Although the manually controlled conversion offers more options and provides more control over the process, the fastest and easiest option that offers mostly great results is making use of the fully automatic conversion!

Second Step (manual mode): Convert the PDF File

After a click on Continue the Convert PDF window opens automatically.
Usually the default values can be accepted. A click on Continue starts the final conversion process: Every page then is converted into a “Page image” (or more precisely: always 3 image formats are created: JPG, PNG and SWF).

During the conversion process also a search index (text) file is created, which is used for the search plugin in case of mz3Viewer or the HTML version in case of the Online version.
Although that step (creating of the search index file) can be disabled, it is highly recommended building such file at least once!

Third Step (manual mode): Add the built “Page Images” to the book

Once the PDF conversion is finished, the window “Add Page Images” opens automatically. Here you can select all Page Images in the preferred image format. The Page Images are assigned to correct pages of the book automatically. Once you confirmed, the Page Images are added to the book. At the end of this process the book is built and presented in the preview area of mz3Tool.

For every Page Image added to the book a corresponding thumb nail image (small representation of the page) is built. This can be used as thumb nail navigation (Online version ) or preview (mz3Viewer) later.

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Last modified: 21 January 2020


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