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  • Flash is no longer supported
  • The MZ3 Project management features, all available in the “File” Menu, have been completely reworked:
    • New From Pdf
    • Open Recent Project
    • Open Project
    • Save Project As
    • Delete Project
  • The function and program logic for the Publishing Command has been corrected and improved
  • The “Edit Book – Custom Logo” window changed completely: Size and position now can be defined as pixel or % values. For mz3Viewer still the pixel values are relevant. For the (JavaScript) Browser version the relative % values are used and with that the custom logo becomes responsive, i.e. size and position are relative to the width of the window/viewport.
  • The file structure of the (mainly) mz3ToolBookData.xml File has been modified/extended.
  • Better support of positioning and sizing of AREA Elements
  • Improved and extended Language Setting Window.
  • Improved Add Page Images.
    Now several strategies are applied to find the best option for adding the selected images.
    Nevertheless, the assignments of images to pages should be checked and if necessary corrected making use of the several options available under “Advanced Settings”. But in most cases, the proposed setting should work as expected!
  • Now both the mz3Viewer and JavaScript Book and Page parameter settings are supported. Only those parameters are listed that (should ;) ) work in the respective version
  • Video-Preview Images now also can be taken from Videos with non square Pixels (PAR: Pixel AR other than 1:1; e.g. 4:3). The correct AR of the video is determined now from the video parameters and no longer the file parameters are used. As a result review images now always should have the correct AR.
  • Menu commands “New from PDF” and “Use Other PDF” have the same look&feel now and provide more information in cases where a PDF cannot be loaded or could create potential problems in the browser or server, e.g.
    • Check for invalid characters like “#” in the file name
    • reporting page size and type in the “Use Other PDF Menu” now also
    • In “Use Other PDF” a warning is shown if page size and type differ from the actual book’s page size
  • “New” Window completely overhauled and offering 4 options now
  • Open
  • Open Automatically
  • Redesigned Basic Settings and Javascript Settings Windows
  • New Summary Window before a Publish Start
  • New Window to Configure Navigation Bar / Burger Menüs
  • Support of GIF Format 20190824
    Now also GIF images/animations can be placed on pages like JPG or PNG image.
  • Completely new “start page” of the “New” Window, offering 3 choices: From (Page-) Images, Empty book, from PDF
    Drag&Drop for page images and pdf files is supported
  • Custom Logo is responsive in the browser: percent based, relative to the defined page height; no longer absolute pixels
  • Several general bug fixes and improvements
    • Burger Menu, Navigation Bar
      Under certain conditions (e.g. many icons) the menu did not show up correctly
    • New Project (empty Pages)
      The page width and height now only are checked after an “Enter” or “mouse leave”, i.e. when the mouse moves outside the input field.
      Before an error was reported, once the proposed/former value was deleted and a new value was started to be entered: It always was interpreted as being too short and blocked an update.
      Also: a “language-code type ending will be treated as language code, and later stripped from the name.
      This takes care if a language code was added at the end of the project name.
      It also is a quick way to modify the language code
    • The menu short-codes (not really used anyhow) inhibited e.g. a copy of a licnese key: The shortcut CTRL-v instead of inserting the code from the clipboard opened the “mz3Viewer Setting Window”.
      All menu short codes have been eliminated and the copy now works without problems
    • Navbar and burger menu logic dod not work as expected.
      Now the size of the icons is automatically scaled down to a height of 12px. If that’s not sufficient the burger menu is used instead.
    • Incorrect Video Size of some Videos
      If a video does not use square pixels, the “real” video aspect ratio is different than the ratio calculated from the dimensions shown in the file.
      Now the video size is read out of the (running) video and the correct aspect ratio calculated. As result a preview image with the correct aspect ratio can be captured from the video also in such (rare) cases.
    • 2 parallel functions “fighting” for the status window
      If several functions work in parallel and want to update the status window (e.g. during an “add Page Images” process, where images are copied and placed on pages), the result was a “flicker” of that status window. And the content was hard to read.
      The status window was simpliefied and now mailky shows the remaining number of outstanding copies. This saves process time and also improves reading the status
      Examples of status windows:.
Revision: 3
Last modified: 20 January 2020


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