Improved Google Analytics Support for JavaScript

Now a more granular reporting is supported, i.e. all three levels of details plus an optional value are supported now:

  • event
  • category
  • label
  • value
  1. Settings – Configure JavaScript Settings
  2. Book Parameters
  3. Search/Filter: “analyt” (or ‘gaaccount’ or ‘google’ or …)
  4. Click on ‘gaaccount’
  5. Enter your Google Analytics ID: UA-xxxxxxxx-x, confirm with ‘Return’ and ‘Save’

GA Events

The following events are used and tracked: * openMagazine
Triggered whenever the magazine is opened

  • video
    Triggered when the user interacts with an in-book-video
    Supported labels:
    • ‘playSpVid’ + videoName
    • ‘pauseSpVid’ + videoName
      Supported value (pause only):
    • current time when paused
  • sound
    Triggered in case of any interaction with a sound element.
    Supported labels:
    • ‘playSound: ‘ + soundName
    • ‘pauseSound: ‘ + soundName
      Supported value (pause only):
    • current time when paused
  • goto_page
    Whenever a new page is opened, this event is triggered
    Supported label:
    • the destination, i.e. the page number selected
      Supported value:
    • number of skipped pages
  • mz3Click
    If an Mz3 Element is clicked, this event is triggered.
    Supported labels (clicks) are
    • clicks on an external link (<a> tag with href defined)
    • clicks on an internal link (<a> tag with onclick defined)

GA Category

As category always the actual Mz3 Book Title (project name) followed by an (optionally) defined <head><title> is tracked
Such Meta Title can be entered via Book Parameters as htmlTitle (Search/Filter for it!).


What is tracked as a label depends on the kind of Event.

  • video and sound Events
    Play and Pause interactions are tracked independently
  • goto_page Event
    The page number of the page that is opened (jumped to)
  • mz3Click
    The destination of the clicked element’s anchor tag:
    • The path of the external URL
    • The internal page number (or anchor name)
Last modified: 21 March 2020


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