This information should help in getting a better understanding of the structure and concept of MegaZine3, mz3Tool, and mz3Viewer. And how those programs work together.

If you can achieve everything you want without deeper knowledge of the internals: perfectly fine! At the end that’s our goal ;-)
And that’s why we implemented the context help, the menu and window support, the tooltips and plausibility checks and “best-fit default settings”.

Otherwise, it can save some time in case of problems or unexpected results knowing a bit about the internals. Following best practices and working “in sync” with the basic strategies and concepts helps to avoid surprises.

Adding or changing settings of elements on all pages
If e.g. all images added to pages with a layout should be moved down by e.g. 10 pixels, you could either%%(color-red) achieve that with the standard GUI (graphical user interface) and e.g.

  • Add all image elements again using an adjusted layout setting
  • Modify every single image: change the top value and save it again
  • change the page height

That’s some effort and takes a lot of time.

OR you modify the configuration file where all that information is stored directly.
In this case:

  • Go to the Mz3 Project folder
  • Open the folder _addPageElements.
    This folder collects all XML files controlling what elements to add on pages: One File for any element type.
    The file addImages.xml is what you are looking for to solve your problem.
  • Open that file with a text editor
    Preferably an editor supporting XML files.
    You’ll see a “page structure” looking (simplified) like this:
  <img ...>

You want to modify the “top” value and increase the %-value so it fits your needs.

There the margins and positions are shown in pixels AND 5-values. If you set e.g. any margin to 10 pixels, mz3Tool will show you the %-value valid for the actual Mz3 Book.
You then can calculate the corrected top value (add the % value that corresponds to 10 pixels to the top %-value) and make a “substitute all” and exchange
“old%” with “new%”

And you’re done! Every image is moved down by 10 pixels on every page.

This is just one example and perhaps motivates you reading on ;-)

More details in the next chapters:

Last modified: 21 March 2020


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