The program package “mz3Tool” is a convenient tool for creating digital documents like magazines and books. This “development environment” guides through all steps, e.g .:

  • Automatic creation of books from a PDF file
  • Automatic creation of books from “page images”
  • Creating blank book and place selected “items” on dedicated pages like
    • Images (can be automatically arranged in a configurable grid)
    • Videos (including preview image, which can be grabbed from a video scene)
    • Audio files with an associated “player” in different designs
    • Links (opening a page in the current book or opening a website)
  • Creation of complete, automatically collected “packages” for offline or online use
  • Support in the designing the books
    • add a Background Image
    • Add a Custom Logo
    • Select Page Background Color or a Background Image
    • Set pages to be “stiff” of “flexible”
    • Easily configurable Navigation Bar or Burger Menu (e.g. for mobile devices)
    • Customizable Pop-Up Window
  • Convenient Parameterization to style the books and to achieve the desired “Look & Feel”

To show/present the finished books, two different options are available:

  1. mz3Viewer
    This offline viewer is an independent Windows 10 or macOS program (based on Adobe AIR)
  2. mz3Player
    This online player is used to display a MegaZine3 document in a browser on all platforms; including smartphones (mz3Player is based on JavaScript)

You use the “Publish” command to select the type of book you want to create:

  • Publish (for Viewer)
    A ZIP file is created, which can be loaded and displayed directly by the mz3Viewer.
  • Publish (for Player)
    A folder with all structures (subfolders) and files is created, which will be uploaded to a server “as is”, and which contains everything a browser needs to display the book.

Free Downloads

The following programs can be downloaded free of charge from the MegaZine3 website:

  • mz3Tool
    Complete package with all functions. This is the “development environment” for MegaZine3 books, based on either Windows 10 or macOS (currently: Catalina Version 10.15.5).
    Almost all functionality can be tested without a product key in “demo mode”. There are a few restrictions, though:
  • No own Logo
    Inserting your own logo is not supported in the demo version (and neither in the “small” product versions mz3-basic and mz3-plus).
    Instead, a “poweredBy” logo is displayed (see below).
  • Watermark
    A watermark is added to the book pages to indicate the demo version.
  • Restricted text variant (limited to 4 pages)
    The text variant, which is built automatically and used for a text search and improving SEO (Search Engine Optimization: Search Engine Optimization), is restricted to 4 pages only.
    And such text only can be generated automatically as result of a PDF conversion; there is no support for manual creation in the demo version.
  • mz3Viewer
    Free viewer program for Windows and macOS

Which functionality is available depends on the purchased version, which is encoded in the Product Key. After assigning a Book to such Product key, that book can make use of all such features.
Please find an overview and product comparison table here in a preliminary table.

Both programs can be downloaded from this provisional address

Once our new website will go live, you’ll find this download link in the download area of the website.

Versions and Upgrades

All versions of a “version group” can be used with the same Product Key. A Version Group includes all versions with the same first 3 digits in the version number. The last digits is the “minor version” number.

All versions, 2,5,1,2, … are members of the same version group, with “minor version” numbers 1, 2, 3, …
A Version would be the first version of a new version group. For such a version change a new product key is needed, which can be purchased in mz3Tool with a significant discount within 18 months after the last purchase of the product or a respective upgrade.

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Last modified: 7 July 2020


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