Product variants

The functionality of MegaZine3 (i.e. all programs) is controlled via the product key that you get with the purchase of a product variant.

All product versions of mz3Tool can be used indefinitely: There is * no runtime limitation *.
Both mz3Tool and mz3Viewer run as a local program and are not a cloud solution that has to be paid regularly (no subscription / subscription model).

The following 4 product variants are currently available:

  • mz3-basic
    Unlimited number of offline books
  • mz3-plus
    Like mz3-basic plus option of creating online books. No support for the text variant
  • mz3-pro
    Like mz3-plus with additional support of the text variant
  • mz3-business
    Like mz3-pro with additional support of Google Analytics, a parameterizable pop-up window and your own logo (white label version).

Depending on the product variant purchased, the corresponding product key unlocks the functionality purchased.

Product Comparison Table

Use without product key (demo mode)

mz3Tool can be used immediately as a demo version without a product key. Almost all functions are available in the demo version.

  • Some limitations of the demo version (without product key)
  • No use of a customer logo.
    Only the mz3-business version allows the use of a freely selectable customer logo instead of the “
poweredBy Logo *” (white label version)

Watermark on all pages Only 4 pages of the text variant are shown for testing purposes

To use all functions and remove the watermark on the pages, a product key must be entered and assigned to the book.

Entering the product key

The product key is entered in the License Manager window.

A product key only is accepted if the structure is correct and if that product key has not yet been saved before.
After entering the product key, it is saved locally (in the program area of ​​mz3Tool), listed in the overview table and can be assigned to a book (“project”).
A product key selected in the table can be assigned to a book (“project”). This book “inherits” the functionality acquired with the product key.

The assignment can be easily changed using the corresponding buttons. If you own several product keys, you can quickly test different functionalities in simply changing the assignment of the product key.

Activation key

For each of the 3 * online * product variants (mz3-plus, mz3-pro and mz3-business) an activation key can be requested for each combination of book and address (URL).
Each product variant includes at least one activation key.
Additional activation keys for additional online books or different Internet addresses (URLs) can be easily purchased for attractive prices using the “in-app function” of mz3Tool.

p (banner tip). Each user only has to pay for what he really needs and uses!

An assignment of book <-> activation key can be modified. Requirement: If an activation key is removed from a book already published and uploaded to the server, that book must be removed from the server also (or moved to the new URL assigned).

The assignment takes place via the following “activation steps” during a “publish” process:

Window with option to enter the destination URL Window with option to confrim the destination URL

After entering the URL, that Internet Address is checked. The main domain (in this case must exist (known as valid DNS address), otherwise the URL will be rejected.
The final destination address (full URL path) should (!) be correct. It will be checked later at runtime and the book will be shown with a watermark if the addresses don’t match.
You nevertheless can finish and build the online package in clicking . Helpful in case where the final destination folder is created at the time the package is uploaded to the server!

Request an Activation Key

You then have 3 options:

  • Change the URL
  • Use the demo mode
  • Request an activation key

If an activation key is requested, a request is sent to the server and, if an activation key is still available, an activation key is sent back.

Then everything is ready to create the “Online Package”:

Before clicking you should take a closer look at the summary and check whether everything is corredct.

After the publish process the online package is built and can be uploaded to the server.
Alternatively, the result (the published Online Book) can be viewed locally on your computer, if you installed XAMPP before.

final publish steps

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Last modified: 8 July 2020


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