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Publish (for Server)

Main Menu » Publish / Distribute » Publish (for Server)

Javascript version      In the example above, the Javascript version is selected (for Upload on a Server). Once the package is built, two options are available: Open package in File Explorer / File Finder All data can be uploaded “as…

Publish the Mz3 Book

Quick Tours » Publish the Mz3 Book

Check the Book Once all Page Images are assigned to pages, the final book is shown in the preview area of mz3Tool and you can make the first check. This will give you a first idea. The look&feel is pretty similar to the one in mz3Viewer, but some final adjustments…


Basics » Workflow

Summary of the needed Steps For a better understanding of the kind of “jobs” you have to do to get a book from scratch, those steps are defined as “workflow” below: Download and Installation This step is explained in detail in the chapter…

Product Keys

Overview – Introduction » Product Keys

Product variants The functionality of MegaZine3 (i.e. all programs) is controlled via the product key that you get with the purchase of a product variant. All product versions of mz3Tool can be used indefinitely: There is * no runtime limitation *. Both mz3Tool and…

Convert PDF

Main Menu » Use PDF » Convert PDF

A book can be assigned to a PDF file. This is usually done when creating a new book (File – New Project). However, another PDF file can be selected later on at any time, from which page images can also be created by conversion (File – Use other PDF). If a…

Manage Elements

Main Menu » Edit Page » Manage Elements

Change and manage Elements Once the Mz3 book is filled with content, sooner or later there is a need for change. Without help in analyzing the content of several configuration files it’s difficult to find answers on questions like these: Why is my image not…