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Once all Page Images are assigned to pages, the final book is shown in the preview area of mz3Tool and you can make the first check. This will give you a first idea. The look&feel is pretty similar to the one in mz3Viewer, but some final adjustments only are done during the publishing step. E.g. the poweredBy logo only will be hidden in the published version, when the correct activation key is assigned.
The activation key includes the type of product key assigned to the book, so mz3Viewer and mz3Player know what functionality is available. Only an mz3-pro or mz3-business version allow a custom logo and hide the poweredBy logo.

As final check you should make use of the option to open the book in a local installation of mz3Viewer (done with just a single click on Open in Viewer).
This only works if mz3Viewer is installed and defined as default APP to handle files with an “mz3” extension.

To watch a book built for mz3Player to be shown in a browser over the Internet, you first have to publish it.

Publish: Build the selected Package

Select the type of package you want to build:

Before you can publish you must assign an Activation Key to the book. This activation key now only contains information about the product key used (i.e. what kind of license you use for the book), but also where the book will be published. That address (the complete URL) must be defined before you can request an activation key.
The URL is checked to verify it exists. For every online book a dedicated activation key an URL is needed.

Offline books need no URL and you can build as many offline books as you like.

Once an activation key was received from our server, you can immediately your book, i.e. have the appropriate package built for you. A summary of the status (potential page images missing, number of links, videos and other media elements as well as the number of thumbnails and other helpful data is summarized in an information area. Please check before you hit “Publish” to avoid surprises ;-)

Therefore, to receive that key, a correct product key must be assigned to the book and access to the server must be possible, i.e. your computer must be connected to the Internet.

You can and should check the status of your product and activation key(s) in the Settings – License Management Window.

Delete unused Files

To delete unused Page Images, Images or video/audio files, a “Clean-Up” button is provided in case such unused elements are found.:

After a click, an overview Window pops up and you can mark those files for deletion, that you no longer need.

Check the Status Panel

When everything is prepared and you could publish, the actual status of the book is shown in a summary block:

Please check that information to verify the URL is correct, all Page Images and thumb nails for all languages are available, and the number of links, audio and video files is as expected!

Add missing Page Images

Select the page images for the empty pages in opening the Edit Book – Add Page Images Window.

h3.Add missing Thumbnails

If thumbnails are missing, either add the respective Page Images, which will build the corresponding thumbnails also.
Or select images you’d like to see as thumbnails using the menu option Edit Book – Add Thumbnails

Build the Package

A click on will start the collection of all files and programs needed for the respective package.

  • Javascrip / Onlinet
    This is the perfect option to show the book on all common devices (Windows, MAC, iOS or Android smartphones and tablets).
    Once the Online Package was uploaded to your server, you can open the book in your browser.
    Alternatively you could use your computer as “local server”.
    For that you need to install an Open Software package like XAMPP on your local computer (see XAMPP: Use of a local Server).
    If mz3Tool finds an installation of XAMPP, you can check your Online Book immediatly with a single click.
  • mz3Viewer
    For use on a computer (Windows or MAC) without the need for a network/Internet connection.
    mz3Viewer still offers some functionality like “slideshow” that is not yet available in the Browser version.

Next Steps

Once the package is built, you can decide what to do next:

  • JavaScript Version

    • This opens the folder of the collected package in explorer/finder so you can select all files/folder for an upload on your server

    • This only is available if XAMPP is installed as local server, and working, Then you immediately can watch your book locally in your browser
  • mz3Viewer Version

    • Only this option is available for the mz3Viewer Package.
      The folder with the collected “package” is opened in explorer/finder, where you will find one single file: The ZIP File containing all files/folders needed for mz3Viewer.
      mz3Viewer can read that file directly and show the contained book.
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Last modified: 6 July 2020


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