Special Remarks

Some of the settings available in the mz3Viewer version are useless for the Javascript version.
Some features had been added to the Javascript version that are not supported in mz3Viewer (e.g. thumbnail bar, burger menu). As result, the “balance” momentarily looks like this:

  • Javascript: 64 book parameters, no “official” page parameters yet
  • mz3Viewer: 49 book parameters, 28 page parameters

Side effect: If an mz3Viewer parameter is modified, it might (!) work in the JavaScript version also!

Basic settings JS variant

Setting the Navigation Type

Starting with version additionally to the “navigation bar” (a list of icons and/or text links arranged in a line above the book) as an additional option a “burger menu” is available.
The symbol used to open a list with icons and/or text links) is very common on mobile devices, because it saves a lot of space if not used and is well known.
The three horizontal bars remind of the burger menu remind to layers of a burger. That’s where the name “burger menu” comes from.

Both variants the navigation bar and the burger menu can be activated individually. If both are active the use of either variant depends on the aspect ratio of the window and the available space for the navigation bar:

  • *Landscape Mode Preferably the Navigation Bar is used
  • Portrait Mode The Burger Menu is used

The font-size and icon width are adjusted to the available space (i.e. the width of the window). If resulting size will be smaller than 8px for text or 24 px for the icons (width of an icon), the navigation bar is switched off and the burger menu is activated.

Navigation Bar:

Burger Menü (closed/opened)):

Navigation Bar Symbols

The type and style of navigation bar’s content can be defined in a separate Navigation Bar Settings Window.
For each link or language you can either select a symbol or name.
Position and with that the sequence is easily defined in moving the symbols interactively up/down in the table.

Please find details in the chapter Navigation Bar Symbole.

PopUp Support

This button opens the Pop-Up Configurator Window. Here you can define in detail symbol, text and button of the pop-up. The color of each line of text and the button can be set individually. Text sizes are adjustable also.

The link (reaction of a click of the button) can be either a website (URL) or a mail link.

The strategy, when and how often the pop-up will be shown is configurable, too.

Page Navigation

  • Flip Buttons
    The arrows on the left and right side of the book are used to navigate to the previous or next page.
    They can be enabled/shown or disabled/hidden individually
  • Use Thumbs
    Thumbnails are small page preview images, used for navigation and located below the book.
    The thumbnails can be disabled for small books.

Page # Fields

All buttons and fields can be shown or hidden individually.

  • Left Pg#
    The page number of the actually open page is shown.

  • total Pg#
    Beneath the left page number field, the total page count of the book can be shown.

JS Parameters

JS Book Parameters

A click on this button opens a window with the list of all supported JS Book Parameters.

JS Page Parameters

This button opens the list of supported JS Page parameters

JS Element Parameters

Click on one of the buttons:

to open the settings window of the corresponding element and to adjust the element parameters supported by the JavaScript version..

Last modified: 2 September 2020


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