A book can be assigned to a PDF file. This is usually done when creating a new book (File – New Project).
However, another PDF file can be selected later on at any time, from which page images can also be created by conversion (File – Use other PDF).

If a PDF file is assigned to the current Mz3 book, the PDF conversion window can be opened via the menu item@Commands – Convert PDF@.

PDF conversion settings (quality)

The default settings usually already give good results.
At the top, if the results are unsatisfactory, you can adjust some parameters that affect the quality and file size.

  • JPG Quality
    This value determines the quality of a JPG image file. A value of 100% means that no compression takes place, so the quality is as good as possible (no artifacts).
    The lower the value, the more compressed and the more likely it is to see disturbances in the image. At the same time, the file size is significantly reduced
  • dpi (dots per inch)
    This value is only based on the setting of an image resolution! It is evaluated only by the Pdf -> SWF function. But not at every quality level of the conversion.
    Depending on this selection, different strategies are used when converting a PDF file to SWF files.
    An exact relationship is difficult to define; some empiricism is essential (try & error).
  • Conversion Quality

The following values ​​can be selected via the Conversion Quality drop-down box:

  • full
    No compression, highest quality. The dpi value is not used. There is no way to do a finetuning.
  • good (default)
    This setting is the best option for most applications. With the help of the dpi parameter quality and file size can be adjusted within limits.
  • quiet OK
    If individual pages are not converted correctly, this setting can often be successful. However, texts are also converted into image data, so that the advantage of vector fonts is lost despite the use of the SWF file.
    Frequently, conversion problems occur when the graphic artists have used many layers or are called “transparency layers”.
    By selecting the parameters of the first page to be converted and the number of pages, you can selectively convert only the problematic pages with a different Conversion Quality setting to get the best quality from the other pages.
  • Bitmap 1
    This selection does not receive vector graphics; everything is converted into bitmap data.
  • Bitmap 2
    As with bitmap 1; but even more dramatic with a higher risk of getting pixelated pages.

Page Range Selection

The parameters in the middle area of ​​the conversion window allow you to choose which page area of ​​a PDF file is converted.
The area is defined by the number of the start page and the number of pages to be converted.

Depending on the page content, the conversion of many pages can take a long time and is difficult to break (the pdf2swf function runs in the background and can only be controlled to a limited extent once it has been started).

For control and information, the maximum number of pages that can be converted is displayed.
With the help of the “Overwrite” selection box, overwriting of already converted pages can be forced,
In order to save time during the conversion, already converted pages are not converted again.


Two switches are available:

  1. Use Search
    If this checkbox is checked, the text is extracted from the PDF file and is available as a search index. The search index is used by MegaZine to find search terms.
    Every page break is marked in this file (form feed) so that MegaZine can count the page breaks and knows which page the text is on.
    Single pages and double pages are supported.
    In addition, the “search” plugin is set to the plugin list so that the input field is displayed in the mz3Viewer and the Flash version.
     If SWF files are used, the found text passages can also be marked on the page (highlighted).
  2. Overwrite
    If this box is checked, existing image files will be overwritten by newly converted files.
    If you do not want that because, e.g. only new pages are added and existing pages are unchanged, you can remove the checkmark and speed up the conversion.

Summary and Start of Conversion

In the bottom part of the window the settings are summarized. Please check before starting the conversion to not unnecessarily waste time waiting for the end of conversion in case of incorrect settings.

If everything is set correctly, the conversion can be started via the Start button.
A status window will appear, showing the progress of conversion.
After the first few pages, the expected remaining time (EAT) is relatively accurate. It may vary in case of for very different page content.

Process of Conversion

After the conversion has started, the PDF information is read and, in a first step, each PDF page is converted into a SWF file. This step is mandatory, i. SWF files are always available after conversion.

In the next step, each SWF file is additionally converted into a PNG file.
If all PDF pages have been converted to SWF and PNG files, the last step is to create the JPG files.
After all JPG files have been created, the conversion is complete and separate pages contain all pages of the set page area as SWF, PNG and JPG pages.

The final step is to close the converter window and open the Add Page Images window:https://doc.megazine3.de/mz3tool.2.5.2.doc/en/topic/add-page-images. The created page images (i.e., the SWF, PNG, or JPG images) now need to be assigned pages.
To do this, the folder with the desired file type must first be opened (see also Adding page pictures):

Then the desired files are selected in the opened folder; usually all (see select page images page images}).
Finally, in the opening Assign Page Images To Pages”, it must be checked whether the automatic assignment of the page images to page numbers is correct, and then with” Add “ the process will be completed.

Last modified: 2 September 2020


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