MegaZine3 is a complete and easy to use solution for digital publishing

  • eBooks
  • catalogs
  • photo books
  • reports
  • company brochures
  • and more…

All such “Mz3 Books” offer a bunch of functionalities like

  • Page Flip
  • Embedded Images, Video, Sound, Links
  • Navigation Bar with Customizable Buttons
  • Online and Offline use
  • Multi-Platform Support

Complete Solution: Development – Publishing – Presentation

  • Development
    mz3Tool is the IDE (Integrated Development Environment) supporting in collecting assets, designing pages, managing features, packaging for Server (Javascript) and Offline (mz3Viewer) use
  • Presentation
    The final Mz3 Books can be used in different ways:
    • Online in a Browser for all Platforms
      Javascript based: Desktop and Mobile devices supported in all Browsers

Depending on your use case and distribution goals, one of these actual MegaZine3 solutions will be used:

  • JavaScript
  • Adobe ActionScript/AIR (mz3Viewer: App for Windows10 and MAC OSx)

Depending on your selection in Basic Settings m3Tool collects everything needed in a respective “Package” (Folder or ZIP file).

mz3 Config File

MegaZine3 (in all it’s flavors) is controlled by the same configuration file, called mz3 file.
Such mz3 file defines the final Mz3 Book:

  • All content
  • User Interface
    I.e.: Navigationbar Buttons, page flip Buttons, Thumbnail preview, …),
  • Functionality
    What plugins, i.e. programs providing certain functionality, are added/loaded at runtime.

AN “mz3 file” follows the specification of an XML file) and can be viewed and edited in programs like notepad++, Sublime Text, …
This file is automatically built by mz3Tool, based on user interaction (settings of switches, selections in dropdown lists, entered data)

An mz3 file is the (“API”: Application Program Interface) used by mz3Tool and MegaZine3 to exchange data.


At the beginning of MegaZine3 (now more than 10 years ago) MegaZine3 was an OpenSource FLASH-Programm, built with Adobe ActionScript3.
At that time MegaZine3 already was controlled by an mz3 file very similar to the one used today.
But those mz3 files had to be created manually with an (XML-) Editor; there was no mz3Tool.

After many users asked for a commercial license and better configuration support, we decided to offer MegaZine3 as a commercial product, and the first version of mz3Tool was offered, as Windows Batch Command File.

About 4 years ago mz3Tool was realized as completely new ActionScript 3 program for Windows 10 and MAC OSx. After several iterations and versions, the actual version evolved, handling all 300+ configuration parameters supported by the API of the mz3 file.
The actual version v2.4.4 of mz3Tool is a completely new solution. That’s why former documentation (v2.0.x bis 2.3.x) is outdated.


  • FLASH Version
    A Flash version no longer is available. If FLASH support is needed, an older version (<= v2.4.3.13) must be used.
  • Javascript Version von MegaZine3 v2.4.4
    The actual Javascript version is in “consolidation mode”, i.e. some features will be added and bugs fixed, until the new Version v2.5.x (actually in development) is available and stable.
  • mz3Viewer
    The basic features of mz3Viewer (the MegaZine3 kernel) are based on the same functions as the FLASH version did, There is no need to touch that core.
    The user interface and related functionality of mz3Viewer will be extended and adjusted to future needs; it is the actual base of our Offline solution.
  • mz3Tool
    mz3Tool is using the same key function of mz3Viewer (MegaZine3 ActionScript functions), used to present a preview of the actual Mz3 Book. That preview is used as the base for book-related activities and interactions like
  • Placement of “Elements” (image/video/sound/link)
  • Scaling of “Elements”
  • Selection of “Element”

The integrated mz3Viewer functionality in mz3Tool is a “natural fit”: Both mz3Viewer and mz3Tool are realized with Actionscript and AIR.
Once the new Javascript Version is available as desktop version (“native” version), this might become the base of a future mz3Tool version. Something we do not expect before the end of 2019.

Last modified: 2 September 2020


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