Many operations are identical or very similar in both versions of MegaZine3 (Javascript, Mz3Viewer).
Here we’ll focus on the differences. This chapter is a “work in progress”.
General operation instructions are considered, but not planned yet.

Specific Hints for the Javascript Version of MegaZine3

Pan and Zoom with keyboard and mouse (Desktop Computers)

On mobile devices, the common zoom and pan functionality is supported (zoom in/out via a “pinch” gesture; panning with a tap and drag with the finger).
On Desktop Computers without touch screen the preferred method is making use of special mouse gestures: scrolling the mouse wheel to zoom in/out and pressing the left mouse key and dragging the mouse to move the scaled-up book (pan function).

A zoom only affects the book, thumbnails and navigation bar remain untouched.
All modern browsers are supported:

  • Chrome
  • Firefox
  • Safari
  • Edge
  • Opera

Mouse Gestures

  • “Swipe” gesture with the mouse
    Press the left button and drag the mouse with “some” speed” left/right or up/down to simulate a touch swipe gesture (supported on mobile devices):
    • “Swipe Left”: Previous Page
    • “Swipe Right” Next Page
    • “Swipe Up”: Show Thumbnails
    • “Swipe Down”: Hide Thumbnails
  • Zoom: Scroll the Mouse Wheel to zoom in and out
  • Pan: Drag the mouse with pressed left mouse key
    In case the book was scaled up, it is possible to “move” the book (pan gesture) so the area of interest is positioned within the viewport (visible area of the window).
    In this case (zoom factor > 1) a Swipe is no longer supported.
    Only after the original scale factor of 1 is reached (it is not possible zooming out to scale factors less than 1), the book is reset, i.e. adjusted to the window size.

Keyboard operation

For those who prefer operation by key clicks, all can be achieved vie key codes also!

h5: Extended, big keyboards
If a keyboard with Arrow keys or even a numeric pad is available the following keys are supported:

  • Arrow Left/Right: Previous/Next Page
  • Page Up/Down: Previous/Next Page (compatible with remote controller, e.g. to control a Powerpoint presentation)
  • Arrow Up/Down: Show/Hide Thumbnails
  • Home/End : First/Last Page
  • +/- Keys: Zoom-In/Out
  • Arrow Keys on Numeric Pad (on keys 4-8-6-2):
    All Browsers but Edge: Move the scaled-up book with the Arrow Keys on the numeric pad.
    Edge Browser: The Arrow Keys on the numeric pad have the same functions as the “standard” arrow keys (previous/next page, show/hide Thumbs).

Small Keyboard

If the special keys are not available, everything can be operated via special “sets” of alpha keys.
4 adjacent keys are used as a set of keys for the Pan and Page/Thumb control:

  • PAN: A-W-D-X: Move the Book left (“A), up (“W”), right (“D”) or down (“X”)
  • Page/Thumb J-I-L-M: Previous Page (“J”)/Next Page (“L”), Show Thumbs (“I”)/Hide Thumbs (“M”)
  • Zoom-out/in: “U” and “O”

The keys in the middle f the blocks set the book to the origin position (0,0 coordinate: “S”-Key) or perform a Reset (“K”-Key).

Alternatively also the “Enter-” and “Space-” Keys perform a reset.

This all should offer sufficient options so everybody can find his perfect “mode of operation”.

BTW: We plan to create a special Help-Po-Up” that shows the most important operations (mouse gestures, keycode); in English and German.
This Pop-Up can be activated via a special Icon/Key (most probably the “?” key) that can be added to the navigation bar or burger menu.

Specific Hints for the mz3Viewer Version MegaZine3

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Last modified: 27 October 2020


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