You can assign a PDF file to you Mz3 Project. Usually this is done when starting a new project (File – New from PDF).
But also later you can select a PDF file; either as the first PDF or in exchange/substitution of a former one (File – Use other PDF).

Once a PDF File is assigned, the option Commands - Convert PDF is available on the menu. This opens the PDF Conversion Window.

PDF Conversion Settings (quality adjustments)

You should do the first tests with the default settings, and you’ll achieve in most cases good results.
If needed or just to give it a try you can adjust the quality in the top area of the window. Those settings have an influence on the image quality and image file size.

  • JPG Quality
    With this the JPG quality defined. With 100% as top quality (no compression).
    Lower values result in higher compression rates, lower qualities and smaller file sizes.
  • dpi (Dots per Inch)
    This value indicates “kind of” dopts per inch.Dieser Wert ist nur an die Einstellung einer Bildauflösung angelehnt! Er wird nur von der Pdf -> SWF Funktion ausgewertet.Allerdings nicht bei jeder Qulitätsstufe der Konvertierung.
    The higher the value, the better the resolution and quality. You should simply test different settings to find out what value is the best comrpomise.

If needed this value can be increased to e. 600…1200 or even more.
If a small file size is your requirement, you can try values as low as 100 or even 75 (or any other value).

  • Conversion Quality

The Conversion Quality Drop-Down-Box supports these settings:

  • full
    No compression, highest quality. The dpi setting is not used; no further tweaking possible.
  • good (default)
    The default setting and good for almost all projects. You can further adjust quality and file size in modifying the DPI parameter.
  • still OK
    If some pages are problematic and need a fine-tuning, it is possible to convert selected pages with different settings. The downside is that also texts are transformed into images and are no longer vector based.
    In the case of pages with many transparent layers show artifacts with the standard setting “good”, those pages can be separately converted with adjusted quality parameters.

  • Bitmap 1
    All is converted into a bitmap format.
  • Bitmap 2
    Again pure bitmap data with more aggressive conversion technique.

Page Selection

The parameters in the middle of the Conversion Window allow the selection of the page range. This is done in defining the first page (start page) and ´the number of pages.

Keep in mind that for first tests usuall< 10 pages are sufficient.

Converting many pages (e.g. 50 or more) can take a while. The processing time also depends on the page content. It is almost impossible to abort a started conversion process (the pdf2swf program is running independently in the background and is hard “to control once started).

You’ll find the number of pages of the PDF file (the maximal number of pages that can be converted) on the right of the start page selection drop down.


Two options are available

  1. Use Search
    If activated, additionally to the conversion into page images the text is extracted and prepared for the search functionality (as ‘search index file’). This information is used by Megazine to look up entered search keys (words).
    Special control characters are inserted to indicarte page changes (dorm feed character). Megazine counts those control characters and with that knows on what pages the words are found.
    Single and Double pages are supported.
    If “use search” is activated, the “search plugin” is added to the plugin list ANd if SWF images are used, Megazine can highlight the found text fragments.
  2. Overwrite
    The “Overwrite” checkbox can be marked if already converted pages images should be overwritten/exchanged.
    By default an overwrite is disabled and already converted pages are skipped and not converted again; a big time saver.

Overview and Start

In the bottom part of the window, all settings are summarized. Please double check before starting a conversion, to not waste time to wait for the end of a conversion with incorrect settings.

Click on Start to trigger the conversion. A little status window pops up and informs about the progress. After some pages the calculated ETA (expected time to arrival) should be pretty exact, although big differences in the kind of page content might result in deviations.

Conversion Steps

At first, the PDF Information is read and then every single page converted into a SWF image. Since the SWF File is the base of the other file formats, a SWF file always is created.

Next is the SWF to PNG conversion, followed by a PNG to PG conversion.
At the end of the conversion, all images are available in separate folders; by file type.

After the conversion, the Add Page Images window is opened and you can select the image type (SWF-, PNG or JPG) to use for the pages.
For that please select the corresponding button to open the browser/finder window (see Add Page Images):

Select the Page Images to add Select Page Images (usually all) and check the assignment to pages in the next window that opens.
Assign Page Images To Pages

If all images have been assigned to the correct pages (which always should be the case with PDF converted Page Images), click “Add” to complete the conversion process. The Mz3 Book then is built and presented in the preview area.

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