Planned Version v2.4.3.10

Expected: First half of December

  • Changes / New Features
    • css-Dateien re-organized
      All Plugin-specific css-File are combined in the all.css file, which will be loaded first.
      All Mz3-specific css-Files follow
      The last css-File, and with that with the highest priority) is the custom.css File, where you can make Mz3 Project specific Layout changes and overwrite default css-Settings.
    • Technology specific Parameters
      Element and Book Parameters now are sorted by technology. You now first select the technology, i.e.
      • Javascript
      • Air (mz3 Viewer)
      • FLASH
        And then can modify any parameter in the technology-specific list.
        The Javascript Version e.g. supports different SOund Parameters than the mz3Viewer and Flash Variant.
        Selecting mz3Viewer (i.e. more precisely: AIR) as technology, only a relevant subset of all book parameters supported in FLASH is presented.
        Common Parameters are used in all technologies, i.e. modifying a common parameter adjusts that parameter in the other technologies also.
        Therefore any parameter missing in mz3Viewer could still be modified in changing the corresponding FLASH parameter. As long as that parameter is supported in mz3Viewer.
        Remark: In mz3Viewer e.g. all Internets specific Parameters (like Favicon, HTML Title, …) are not supported.
  • Bug fixes
    • The “overwrite” switch in ‘Add Page Image’ only was used locally but not when the file was about to be copied.
      New Page Images did not overwrite existing “pages”; which made an update only possible after the respective page image was deleted manually.
  • Improvements
    • Better support of old Browsers
      Because we started to make use of new Javascript features and also some used plugins/libraries do so, we transpile the JS programs with a tool (babel) to pure ES5 code.
      This helps to support e.g. Safari 9, the highest version available for iPad2 and some older OSx versions.
    • Sound-Buttons
      The play/pause symbol was not centered, which looked strange.
    • Watermark-Area in Demo version reduced
      The watermark layer started in the top-left most corner and covered the drag range and sound buttons located on top of a page.
      This blocked mouse clicks and a page could not be flipped or a sound started/paused.
    • Better support of XAMPP
      Automatic selection of the XAMPP htdocs path as publish-path in the case that XAMPP is installed in the default folder.
      Then mz3Tool makes use of the htdocs file for your Online Packages (Javascript and FLASH) and a test using the local server can be started with a click of a button.
Revision: 5
Last modified: 2018/12/09


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